Monday, January 9, 2012

God Bless Kyle

This past weekend was very busy starting with Kyle's baptism.  We had quite the crowd there at the church but it was so nice because it ended up being a private baptism.  My sister and cousin are the godparents and both of them traveled in to be with us for this special time.  After Kyle's baptism, my mom gave a bridal shower for Jonathan's fiance, Mollie.  So, the tally of family was let's see...the five of us+both sets of our parents (4)+ both of our sisters (2)+my cousins and their significant others (4)+ my aunt and uncle(2)=17!!!  Mom and I purposely planned both on the same weekend since my family would be traveling in from Charlotte, St. Louis and Chicago.  It was such a busy but fun weekend.  Kyle was a sweet boy and did great throughout the little ceremony.  He still smells like the oils the deacon blessed him with despite having a bath.  Every time I get him up from a nap, I feel like I'm back in Italy walking into a church.

Here are some pictures from the day and then today I dressed him back up in order to take some more pictures.  I've done this with the other two as well.

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Kelly said...

So glad I got to be there. He is the happiest most chill baby I have ever seen. It's so funny because the first pic that you took of him looks just like Kyle, then the next looks like Anna and the next like Brice. You can't say these kids aren't related. :-) So cute!