Monday, April 30, 2012

Friday Night~Rehearsal Dinner

 Anna at the church.  We got there early so she could start getting acquainted with everything.  Mollie and Jonathan got her a soap shaped as ballet shoes and that was the highlight of the weekend for her!

 The groom above and below Uncle Ron is saying, "You know this place is going to go up in smoke if you let her carry the candle!".  Just kidding, I have no idea what they were talking about so let's focus on Aunt Deb's hot legs!  Whoa!
 And, here they are in the practice round.  Brice, who has far less pictures on this post than Anna was the true rock star of the weekend.  The boy took such good care of his little sister all the while keeping himself in check.  We didn't worry one little bit about him, he showed maturity beyond his years for sure.

Mollie wore her mother's wedding dress to the rehearsal.  I thought that was so cool.  She did jazz it up a bit with a belt and some cute shoes.

 As you can see, above, Anna was quite shy and not too sure about all of these people coming up to her and wanting hugs and telling her how darling she looked.  Even Jonathan couldn't get a smile out of her the first night.  She did warm up by the end of the night and spontaneously ran over to Aunt Deb for a hug.
 And then chocolate cake was mentioned and the girl got all googly eyed with her fork all ready to go!
 I just loved this dress on her!
 Here is the one solo picture of Brice I got from Friday at the church.  Will post again tomorrow!!

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Kelly said...

I LOVE Anna's dress! I know that chocolate look too...:-) Girl after my own heart.