Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hall County Champion!

About two months ago, Brice informed me that his writing assignment from his class had been chosen for judging against all of the first graders at Spout Springs Elementary.  I, of course, knew he was a good writer and know that he enjoys sharing stories or learning about something and then putting down what he has learned on paper.  His writing was titled "The Rainforest".  A couple of weeks after that, we were informed that his writing was chosen for Spout Springs's first graders and would be competing at the County level! 

And then, two weeks ago, we received an email that he had won!  Our little Hall County Champion of the Young Georgia Author's Writing Competition.  There are 20 elementary schools in Hall County and Brice won out of all those first graders.  To say Justin and I were excited is an understatement.  This past Monday, the Board of Education had an award presentation for all of the winners.  The place was filled with all of the recipients and their families.  Brice was very nervous as he does not like to stand up in front of people.  But, I do think he was very proud of himself, as he should be.  His writing will now go on to compete at the state level.  Holy Moly!

 Accepting his award with his teacher, Mrs. Grimes.  She was so sweet to take time from her afternoon, along with her own two daughters to come and support Brice.


Janna said...

That's awesome! Way to go Brice!

Lauren said...

Awesome job Brice!!!

Jen said...

I just want to say congrats! Our daughter won the 1st grade level at another Hall county school this year. Winning district is a big deal! I know you are one proud mommy! WTG and I wish Brice much luck winning state!! Let's GO HALL COUNTY!!