Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jonathan and Mollie

They did it!  They got married and it was beautiful.  They had perfect weather, they looked perfect and they are now off on their honeymoon.  It was so nice to be able to share in their wonderful day.  Here are a couple pictures from the weekend...because I know some cannot wait to see!  Brice and Anna were model children, in looks and behavior.  One proud mama, right here.  I took 143 pictures throughout the weekend.  I will get those up over the week along with a couple of videos.  But, in reality, I know the following two are really the only ones people want to see!

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Kelly said...

YAY! But this is a tease. I want to see more! :-) Brice and Anna are just too cute. And Brice looks so grown up! Mollie and Jonathon both look stunning! Love the white coats on the guys.