Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas- Part I

Sorry, but I am going to have to do the Christmas season in parts and before blogging about Disney.  Not a lot happens in January around here so that should be a good time to accomplish all of this documentation.  I've said it before and I'll say it 1000x more, having a birthday girl in December is HARD!  I want her to feel special and "separated" from Christmas and all of those celebrations but it is exhausting, I will tell you that.  I am so glad that her birthday is 12 days before Christmas, thank you Anna for being in a hurry to get here!  So, part one happened when we got home from Disney World on the 17th with Anna's Christmas program.  I will admit, seeing my FIVE year old up on stage singing those precious songs made me tear up.

 Before it started, she was very nervous and didn't want to smile.  She is standing next to Cole, our carpool buddy.
 Looks like a grumpy bow!
 This was after it was over!  Relief!!
After her program, we had food and then did a craft.  Below are a few videos...

I apologize for my camera skills.  So shaky.  I am always trying to watch
and at the same time video.  Enjoy!

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