Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas-Part II

After we came home from Disney World, we still needed to pay Santa a visit as well as finish up Christmas shopping.  My sister and her family came into town the weekend before Christmas so we celebrated with my side then.  It was fun, especially having little Christian around.

Santa:  We went in late afternoon as usual to hopefully not have to stand in line, especially since we had just stood in quite a few lines at Disney World!!  Kyle was very shy and not sure of the whole thing, can you blame him?  He kept touching his eye and nose and finally we asked him to put his hand in his pocket so we could get a picture.  Kyle never did sit on his lap but just stood in front of him while Anna and Brice squeezed in!

 Standing in line...only for about five minutes though.

 Eye touching...
 ...and hand in the pocket!
Even though Kyle didn't put in his requests himself, Anna did it for him and Santa delivered.

Christmas at the Ruffin's:

 These were the hit of the season and he hasn't taken them off for a week straight...even wore them to Christmas Eve Mass with his nice clothes.  Thank you Aunt Blaire and Uncle Josh!!
 This sweet little boy is so, so good!  And, so, so cute!

 A Skipper doll for Anna...let's just say Skipper has changed since I was younger!
 Since we were in Disney World for the birthdays on the 13th, Grandad got to open all his gifts here, all golf stuff.
 Even though the McQueen boots have been a hit long term, Kyle was pretty excited when he got the wrapping paper off of this gift, "TRRRRRRRRR-UUUUCKS!!"
It was a fun morning with lots of yummy food and even better company!  It kind of broke open the gift giving season for us and made us all excited for Christmas Eve and Morning!  Thanks, Mom for the meal and having us as well as the gifts!

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