Sunday, December 22, 2013

Disney- Day 4

No, you didn't miss Days 1-3...Justin has all the pictures on his computer and his computer in "sick" and "in the hospital".  Luckily, he put them all in Dropbox but honestly, we just haven't had the time to transfer them either way.  We were there the 11th -15th and then came home to a full week of school for Brice and two days of school for the little ones.  Tuesday was Anna's program though so it wasn't even a full day and then Thursday, Anna woke up with a virus and Kyle spent most of the day on the toilet with the same virus.  Fun times.  Thankfully, it was only about 24-48 hours.

So, I am just going to blog about Day 4, which was our half day at Disney before we all drove home.  We decided to just "leave it all at the park".  And, boy did we ever.  It has taken us all week to recover!

Day1, 12th-Magic Kingdom
Day 2, 13th (Anna's 5th birthday)-Hollywood Studios
Day3, 14th-Magic Kingdom
Day4, 15th-Magic Kingdom from 9-1230

On this day, we did anything we weren't able to get to on the previous days or favorites (Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Small World, Dumbo and Tomorrowland Speedway).

 They have re done Dumbo in the new Fantasyland and it is fabulous, or at least to me it is.  There are now two rides and then there is a new tent.  The inside of the tent looks just like a circus ring and I love it!  There is a big play place for the kids while you stand in line.  Except for the fact that some kid used the floor as their was a success.  Seriously, it was gross and as soon as I saw it, I rounded up the kids and we were out of there!

 Kyle saw these cars from the People Mover and then again from Dumbo and couldn't wait to drive one.  See how tired he is below?  Sucking on his finger!
 Here is Anna with her hair still up from Bippidi Boppidi Boutique, driving a car, scary thought, right?!
 Kyle LOVED anytime he saw Goofy on this trip, at the character breakfast, in the parades.  "Dares Goofy!"
I could look at that castle all day long.  And, at night?  During December...even more magical!!

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