Monday, December 9, 2013

Sofia the First "Tea" Party

We celebrated our Anna this past weekend with her friends from school and the family.  It was fun and came together very easily which was nice since there is so much that goes on this month!  I suggested a tea party and she thought that would be fun except the only tea that was drank was sweet tea and none of the little girls had it. They all had water or pink lemonade.  Still, though, they got to sit in the dining room with "No Boys Allowed" per Anna's request!

I made it easy on myself and ordered all the food; chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A, pinwheels from Publix, cake and petit fours from Publix, Sister Schubert's pigs in a blanket, fruit.  The party was at 10am so it was technically a brunch I guess...

I am in total shock that Anna is turning five.  Actually, I am sad she is turning five.  Like, if you see me sulking or crying in a corner, don't ask why, just know that it's because my girl will be FIVE on Friday. What in the world? I mean, long gone are the days where she didn't voice her opinion on everything in her daily life but when I look at her and envision her in Kindergarten in the fall, I kind of want to throw up.  She seems so little and yet so grown up all at once.  She has matured so much in the past six months and is becoming quite the young lady.  She is still one to get rowdy with her brothers and still our loudest child by far.  However, she takes the role of big sister quite seriously and will go to great lengths to mother Kyle.  She told me the other night when she was falling asleep that she asked God for 4 babies, two boys and two girls.  Yes, I teared up at that.  I remember being her age and already wanting to be a mommy and now that is already what she wants in life.  Anyway, while it warms my heart to see her becoming independent, it also tugs at my heart strings to realize she is definitely not a baby anymore. Okay, I know you didn't open this post to read all this....on to pictures!

 Nice big Sofia balloon, huh?!  She will be with us til May!

 Opening presents.

 We leave for Disney World on Wednesday...and return Sunday.  So, you won't have to endure a bigger sappy post on the 13th. :)  Happy Birthday to my sweet girl and of course my Dad as well!


Katie and Dave said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! You know I know exactly how you feel and it is awful :) Someone is going to have to wipe me off the floor when Hattie turns five.
HAVE SO MUCH FUN AT DISNEY!!!! Here is something funny- we will be at Disney for chooch's fifth birthday too in january! Paralell lives HA

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

So cute! We love Sofia the First in our house!