Monday, February 9, 2009

All Dressed Up...No where to go!

WEIGHT CHECK WENT GREAT! ANNA IS EIGHT POUNDS, ONE OUNCE- We will continue alternating the formula and breastmilk for now. Thanks for all the prayers!

Here are some pictures of Anna dressed up in her cute clothes. Too bad we can't take her anywhere and show them off! Oh well. She is doing great. Normal newborn things for which we are thankful. She has been known to cry for hours as of late but we now know what the alternatives are! Just dealing with the gas seems to push her (and Mommy) over the edge. The spring weather has helped. Thank you to Grandma, Grandad, Aunt Deb and Nana who have helped so much the past couple of days; cleaning, playing, swaying, patting, walking, and letting Justin and I get OUT OF THE HOUSE!

In her Valentine's Day dress!

Smiley girl!

In her spiffy fleece outfit with her Keds on!


Lauren said...

cute cute :) Yes we have loved the beautiful weather too! The fresh air is much needed and Davis is a much happier camper.

gmcks said...

She's so cute...sure is all dressed up! take her for a walk around the neighborhood...just don't let anyone breathe on her :)
we miss you at work...not that you'd get a shift...but we miss you nonetheless!