Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Latest Stats

Today both kiddos had appointments at the pediatrician.

Anna's was just a weight check. She is now 8lbs 8.5oz. She will be weighed again in two weeks. The doctor was comfortable with her weight gain rate. No news with her VSD, the doctor still heard the murmur so that means it's still there.

Brice had a big appointment today for his four year check-up. Weighed, measured, screened, interviewed and vaccinated!! He is 43.6 pounds (93%tile) and 43.5 inches tall (97%tile). He is a square! Just kidding. He did very well on the hearing and vision screening. At first he had trouble understanding the directions of the vision test but then told the nurse, "Actually, I do understand." and proceeded to answer the test correctly. The nurse looked at Justin and said, "Did he just say actually?"! After that the nurse asked us a million questions about his everyday life. Nothing exciting there. The pediatrician examined him and everything looks great. Then poor Brice had to get FOUR SHOTS!!! Justin stayed with him and I took Anna out to the car to feed her. Justin said he was the bravest kid and cried hard with the first one, but then took each one a little better. He got two shots in each arm-OUCH! Brice does not like blood or anything to do with the medical field, unless it is pretend! Usually he does not want a band-aid if he gets a cut, I guess because it reminds him of the injury. But, he still has his band-aids on his arms and won't let me get near him. So, I guess his little arms are sore. He finally let me give him some Motrin because he did tell me his band-aid was hurting him. He got to go to the "treasure box" after his shots and got a pretend camera and plastic dinosaur. More crap-hooray. But, I guess he deserves it, huh? And, no more shots til he's eleven. Unless, of course, the American Academy of Pediatrics comes up with some new vaccine in between now and then.

So, I have a lot to be thankful for today. Two healthy kids who are happy almost all of the time. And a husband who was kind enough to help me out by going with me to the doctor with two kids despite his crazy work schedule. Thanks, sweetie!

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gmcks said...

great news all around...good for you! You deserve it! anna's birth announcement is adorable!