Monday, February 9, 2009

Lucky 13

Since today is Friday the 13th, I just thought I would post something about how LUCKY the number 13 has been for us.

June 13, 1997- Justin and I graduated from high school
August 13, 2001- Started my job at Northside
April 13, 2002- Justin and I got married
June 13, 2004- Found out we were pregnant with Brice

Anna and her 13's- apparently this is her number too
May 13 2008- First ultrasound
August 13, 2008- Found out she was a GIRL!
December 13, 2008-Birthday (which she shares with Grandad)
5:13am-birth time
ER room when taken to hospital -13!

Also, my sister's birthday is July 13th so all in all we like number 13. Nothing unlucky about it for us. Hope you all have good Friday the 13th's as well as wonderful Valentine's Day's!

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chbaker said...

That is pretty cool. Also impressive you remembered what date we graduated from high school. It does ring a bell now that you mentioned it. Have a good on.