Saturday, September 26, 2009


So, sorry I haven't been blogging recently. I haven't had anything too exciting to put on here and I've been BLAH! It has been raining here, no wait, pouring and cloudy and depressing. It rained for about ten days straight which if you watch the news (I don't) you will have noticed that Georgia has had some major awful flooding. Forcing people to abandon their homes and cars. Schools are ruined. It's terrible. We've all been okay, thankfully. Our blah-ness comes from the fact that we aren't going outside and running around and getting our daily dose of Vitamin D. The one day we did have sunshine, we went outside and were greeted by tons of bugs and a soggy backyard. Hopefully soon we will enjoy some beautiful fall weather with sunshine and a cool breeze. I am definitely one of those people who could probably be diagnosed with Seasonal Affect Disorder! Where are you Mr. Sunshine??? Your abscence is affecting my blah-ging.

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Lauren said...

Glad I wasn't the only one feeling blah last week. What BEATUIFUL fall weather this week is going to be though :)