Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nine Months

Today I am nine months old.

I am cute.

I sit on the counter and eat Mommy's leftover turkey sandwiches.

I like to help empty the dishwasher.

My favorite activity though is climbing the stairs. I especially like to do this when no one is looking to see how far up I can climb before they discover I'm out of sight. I also love waving at people. See?

I love books just like Brice does. I often climb into my book basket to find a book.
I am Anna and today I'm nine months old. Can you believe it? Mommy can't but she sure is proud of me and so is Daddy. I go to the doctor this Tuesday for my check-up so I'll let you know how big and long I am after that. Wish me luck because I'm pretty sure that there are multiple shots involved. I have four teeth right now and love to crawl around, pull up and be anywhere that Brice is. Mommy always has the camera in front of my face so I'm sure that you'll be seeing more pictures of me very soon. Sorry if this is annoying but it's her blog and she can do what she wants on it! Have a great Sunday!

P.S. How 'bout them DAWGS!!!???

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