Monday, September 28, 2009

So, that's it

Another trip to the cardiologist today. Nothing new, nothing great, nothing bad. We were expecting the dr. to do an ECHO today (ultrasound so to speak) of her heart instead of just the EKG but after listening to her and looking at her EKG, he said it wouldn't really change things or any decisions to made right now. Anna's VSD is small, which is good but she also has inlet extension which is kind of throwing a wrench in deciding things. Right now, she does not need surgery and continues to grow, which is the most important factor. At her six month appointment he used the phrase "highly unlikely" when talking about surgery. Today, he hemmed and hawed about it which of course threw Justin and I a little bit. He said he "didn't want to commit". Easy way out, if you ask me. He then started talking about the risks when doing surgery because of her inlet extension. He said most babies that have the inlet extension have a large VSD which Anna does not so we are dealing with a somewhat specific case. So, I don't feel like we went backwards but not really forwards either. When he listened to her, he did still hear the murmur and when looking at her EKG, he said it was normal. She is moving up on the charts on weight. All these things make me feel good about it. There is nothing really we can do except pray. Pray that one of two things happen, 1) the VSD closes on it's own (preferably by 18 months of age when we return to see Dr.S) or 2) if it doesn't close, it doesn't give her any trouble which would require surgery. So that's it, it's in His hands, not mine. Which it always has been, of course.


Rachel said...

You are right....God is holding your sweet little girl in His hands and has wonderful plans for her life! I know you guys want the VSD to close and want to know the future. It is SO hard to trust when there is unknown. I will pray that the VSD closes on it's own or that it won't require surgery.

Alisha said...

I praying with you but just so you know, which ever situation works out, Anna's going to lead a long and beautiful life! I have absolutely no doubt about that. She's your little miracle angel!!!

TheReynoldsFam said...

We will certainly be praying for your precious little girl!