Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Walking With Brice"

Last week, Justin took Brice to see "Walking With Dinosaurs". Brice was so excited! He could hardly contain himself when he woke up on Wednesday morning and knew he was going. And then I tried to get him to rest a little when he got home from school since I knew it would be a late night. Well, he was way too psyched to see these monsters walk around the stage on their own! Justin said it was so very, very real. At one point Tyrannosaurus Rex came out and "said hello" to the crowd. Well, it scared JUSTIN so badly, he dropped his phone! Justin did have camera issues as the batteries died and he was only able to get these few pictures with the camera. Anyway, Justin said Brice was holding on so tightly to his arm the entire show that Justin was getting stiff! We were both afraid that the nightmares would follow, but they haven't. Instead, we've created our own little dinosaur who now roams around the house, roaring and growling and pretending that Anna is a baby dinosaur and he is going to eat her! Check it all out for yourself at

If I remember correctly from Jurassic Park, this is a raptor, which was Brice's favorite. Once he sees Jurassic Park, he'll probably pick a new favorite!

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Kelly said...

That sounds like so much fun! I would have loved to see that dinasour scare Justin. You're giving me good material to work with next time I see you :)

So dinasours are the new thing...I'm thinking possibly a Christmas idea?