Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Months

Today Anna is 10 months old! She is so fun, babbling all the time, stuffing anything in her mouth (food or not), and following Brice everywhere. She is very fast when she crawls and pulls up on everything. She will stand for a few seconds on her own and can transfer herself while standing from one piece of furniture to another. She loves books and likes to "kiss" the people and animals in them. She has five and a half teeth and is just so sweet!
Here is Anna looking out the window at, you guessed it, Brice.

Today also would have been Aunt Lil's 80th birthday. I miss her. A lot. I know she would love seeing pictures of the kids grow and would also love hearing about Blaire's wedding plans. I may have to make cookies today to celebrate her and how wonderful she was!!

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