Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interesting Facts About the Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Justin! Here are some facts about Justin that you may or may not find interesting.

Born October 6,1978 at Northside Hospital. Weighed in at 10lbs 13oz and a whopping 24.5 inches long. Excuse me, what? Yes, that's right he broke the record for length at Northside Hospital!

Has lived in some part of Atlanta his entire life. He's a southern boy and can drink the sweet tea to prove it.

First word was ball. Not a surprise since his dad used to roll a ball to him as soon as he was able to sit up! Dads and their boys!

Was a cotton-top as a kid. I mean so blonde, you couldn't see his eyebrows.

Loved to swim at the pool and joined the swim team when he was four years old. This was breaking the rules, but oh well. He even earned himself a few blue ribbons!

Was hit by a car when he was six and a half.

Went to Barnwell Elementary, Holcomb Bridge Middle and Chattahoochee High Schools. I'm sure his best memories are those from CHS where he met a certain someone!

Has a younger sister named Kelly, who he has taught how to burp louder than he does. Sorry Kelly but it's true.

Justin also taught Kelly how to fish as a kid. Justin is an awesome fisherman. When we went to my aunt's house one time, he caught fish off of their dock, to which my aunt responded, "There are fish under OUR dock". Ummm, yea. Justin is now teaching Brice how to fish and this is one their favorite things to do together.

In high school, Justin played baseball, and football. For most of his life though he was at least one sports team.

Justin has always been a Dawg fan and can remember plays, scores, and players' numbers long after they have graduated. He often references them to which I just nod and say, "yes, honey, I remember that exact play!". Not!

He is so faithful to those Georgia Bulldogs. One day in college, he came over to my dorm room and said, "We can't stay up late tonight because I have to get up early." I asked why to which he responded, "I walked on the football team today and I have practice in the morning.".

Played under Coach Donnan and Coach Richt. Brought to the team, "Honorary Captain".

Planned the best engagement day ever for me. He thinks of every detail when planning a trip or something for us to do together.

He is a little OCD.

He loves sweets, and comfort food.

Works out of the house.

Works hard for his family.

Weak stomach when I try to tell him about my work.

Has driven the same car since freshman year of college. A '96 Explorer.

Are you bored yet because I can't think of anything else?!



Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm not sure I would have remembered all of those facts. Nice job. Thankfully, you only covered his positive traits! But they are mostly positive, right? Yep, he was a big baby! Happy Birthday Justin! I'm very proud of you.


Janna said...

Awesome....I didn't realize he was a walk on or that you guys went to CHS together....we spent a lot of time driving around CHS area...we may have even been at the Waffle House at the same time :)
Happy Birthday Justin!