Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yes, you read that correctly. Maybe you didn't pronouce it correctly though. "Eeeeen-neee". This is what one particular person in our family used to call raisins when he was little. I am going to let some of you guess who it was. Although, most of my family already knows, maybe you could refrain from guessing. This person LOVED raisins so much that he (okay, there is your first clue) would devour them so fast, they would show up whole in his diaper. I remember this very clearly (another clue about our age difference?) when his mommy would change him. And when you would call them "raisins" instead of "eeen-nees", he would get mad and tell you that you weren't saying it right!

Well, we have another raisin lover on our hands. This girl LOVES them! She knows the box when I pull it out of the pantry and goes nuts until you put some on her tray. I have to limit her to half of the box because if I don't, well you can imagine what I find in the south area. Okay, go guess who it is!

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