Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cute Conversations

We've had a couple of Cute Conversations around here over the past couple of days.

I am doing Religious Education at home with Brice since Catholics are weird and don't have Sunday school. They have their classes during the week which I know is going to interfere with sports. I just decided that it would take the pressure off if I did it at home. So, this week, I read Brice a story about Saint Rose of Lima. Before I started the story I asked, "Do you know what a Saint is?"

"Yes, it's the football team from New Orleans."!!!

Obviously, he and Justin have been watching football on Sundays while I'm at work! And sports is interfering regardless!

Anna does not like when the teachers get her out of the car at school. I try to warn her the day before that she has school and she usually responds with "cry". So yesterday, Brice says to Anna while she is sitting at the little table and chairs, "Anna, do you have school tomorrow?"


"You don't have to cry. I go to school everyday and I don't cry. I haven't cried since my one year old class. [I interject here to tell him it was actually his two year old class] So, you don't have to cry, okay Anna?"


And, I am happy to report that she didn't! She was such a big girl and let the teacher get her out and in they went. Her daily report said that "she is having so much fun at school, we love her!". So proud of my little Anna Claire!

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Emily said...

So sweet!! Love the pep talk Brice gave Anna.