Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Picking, Pumpkin Carving

I do believe we are ready for Halloween in this house. After that game today, we are ready to move on to something everyone can enjoy. Proud to be a Gator Hater, GO DAWGS and like we always say, "maybe next year". Kind of tired of saying that...

Anywho. Yesterday, I took the kids to a church just up the street that always has a pumpkin patch and much prefer paying for an overpriced pumpkin there than just getting one out of the bin at the grocery store. Anna acted as if she has been doing this as long as Brice has and as soon as her feet touched the ground from the car, she ran into the hay, looking and touching and saying, "punks"! She enjoyed herself.Brice was entranced by these white ones after he told me "there's no such thing as a white pumpkin, mom". Oh yes there is my dear.
Brice couldn't decide if he wanted a tall, skinny or round one. I talked him into the biggest one we've ever gotten and it is tall and skinny!
Anna is watching Brice here and then spotted a whole other flat filled with pumpkins...
...unfortunately, the flat was filled with rotted pumpkins where she proceeded to step in pumpkin puke and fall flat on her tiny heiny. And let me tell you how bad it smelled. Her left shoe and right pant leg took the brunt of the fall and oh. my. gosh. Brice was having a fit in the car the whole way home.
Here is Justin cleaning out the guts. We always have some sort of project for him ready to go after the Dawgs lose to Florida. This year, because we did play so well and fought our hardest, I let him have a knife. ;) Two years ago, he painted a certain someone's room a pretty pink.
After this next picture, Brice took over with the camera and started taking pictures of all things Halloween around our house.
Our candy bowl.
Guess he was trying to scare himself here.
A witch. (No comments necessary on that)
Justin's fine carving job.

Happy Halloween!!! Happy Halloween!!! Happy Halloween!!! Happy Halloween!!! Happy Halloween!!!

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