Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Break Family Fun

So Brice is on fall break and I had every intention of enjoying the weather and getting out of the house so that he stayed busy. On Friday I ended up taking them both to the dentist with me which was a little nerve racking but they were both very good. Anna wasn't a fan of Mommy being in the chair or the squirter in my mouth! After that we headed to the park for some fun. Brice couldn't wait to wear his skeleton shirt so you will see it a lot in the pictures below. It was washed in between wears!

Covering her ears so she didn't have to hear Rocky Top. And, we didn't hear it very much, thank goodness! GO DAWGS!!! A BIG WIN FOR US OVER THOSE VOLS! LOVE IT!
On Sunday, I had planned a day at Cagle's Dairy Farm. I've been wanting to go but it is not very close to our house at all so I knew I had to gear everyone up. We did enjoy it despite the "trip"! Anna must have said, "Cows" fifty times before we got there. Then when we got out of the car, we had to wait in line for tickets and she started with, "See, cows...see cows". I guess she thought they would greet us at the car door!

Brice feeding the cows. He really enjoyed it and was disappointed I didn't take pictures of the mechanical milking and processing plant. The reason I didn't is because the cow they were "milking" was actually pregnant and wasn't even producing milk so they just demonstrated how they hook them up and then fake milk flowed through the tubing.
Anna fed the calf one leaf and that was it. She really liked watching me feeding the calf though and kept finding leaves for me to feed it.

So, during the milking demonstration, Brice asks me, "What does that feel like?" I wanted to say " kind of..." just kidding, I'm not going to go into detail because he was allowed to put his thumb in the attachment and feel it himself! Although I don't think this machine is the same as a live baby...
We then got to go on a hayride and watch this Border Collie, Tib, herd the cows. It was pretty neat to see and Anna loved seeing, "more cows and dog"!

Checking out Tib.
Leading the way even though she's not sure what's next. As far as she knew, there had to be more cows around the corner!
Picking out her complimentary pumpkin.

As for the next couple of days, we will be playing at the park again tomorrow and then Justin and Brice head to Turner Field for the Braves' playoff game. Tuesday, we will take it easy and recover from our Fall Break Family Fun!!!


Kelly said...

Looks like so much fun! And they both look too cute. I'm just waiting for my Dad to respond to this one. :-)

Janna said...

You were sooooo close to my house....Cagle's is like 10 min from here...oh well.
Glad you had fun we were thinking of going there this year too!

Anonymous said...