Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Camp H2O and Easter Egg Hunt

 Here is Brice after his last day of Camp H2O at the Georgia Aquarium.  He had an AWESOME week there and he came home with some pretty neat projects.  The last day a diver talked to them while underwater so Brice pretended to be a diver as soon as he got home.
 On Saturday, our neighborhood had the annual Easter Egg Hunt which is so fun for the kids and they really do a nice job of having lots to do there.  This year Justin had to do it alone since I had to work. :(  He did a great job taking pictures and if you're "friends" with me on Facebook, then you've seen these but, here goes again...

 Apparently, Brice coached Anna on how to gather up those eggs just as fast as you can.  Either way, they are only allowed 12.  I think after age 7, it should be every man for himself if you ask me but...hey, I don't make the rules I just try to enforce them on my kids!
 Brice was in such a hurry that he didn't even count his and ended up with only 10.  Anna was able to snag 13 so added together, we didn't even get our two dozen back!

 I love the way she is looking at him in the above picture.  "What are you grinning about? You can't even count right!".
Two little faces I miss so much when I work but appreciate so much more when I get home!

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whitneygolden said...

I love that last picture - so sweet!