Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a busy Easter day!  Going through our baskets, church, lunch with the Reynolds' and then dinner with the Ruffin's.  Justin and I went to bed at 8:30 last night and Justin was asleep before both kids!  The only reason I stayed awake was to turn off lights and close doors after everyone fell asleep.  I did not get a family picture which I wanted but, Anna was not in the mood for us to tell her to do anything.  We barely got her Easter dress on her and I wasn't going to push it!

 Silly String from the Easter bunny.
 Anna's favorite goody was the Mickey Mouse bubbles.

 Collecting eggs.  Brice was such a sweetheart the whole morning, sharing the hunt and letting Anna get the pink eggs.  He was also the reason we finally got her dress on her.  This kid is a better parent than some of the ones I see in the NICU!


 Chocolate Marshmellow egg for breakfast.  Nice.
 Beach balls from Nana and Pa.  Mickey again was a hit!  Not a good picture at all but wanted to capture what she did most of the time at their house, including not sharing with cousin Jack (see below).

Larry wanted a picture of all his grandkids for his desk.  This is probably the best one I got!
 And then this one with Nana.  Someone was also taking some with their camera so they may have managed a better one!
So long to my favorite holiday!  I might have to leave my blog background for a while.  I love it.  I love Easter, and all that comes with it.  The best line of the weekend was when Justin asked Brice what Easter meant and he responded, "JESUS IS ALIVE!".  He didn't yell it but he gets it!

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Kelly said...

So sweet. Brice was so good with Jack too. He was playing with him, giving him things to keep him entertained...he'll be a huge help with this new baby. What a great big brother and cousin! And Anna looked too, too precious in that dress! Jack will try to not come at her as much next time. :-)