Thursday, April 7, 2011


Found this dress in her closet and requested to wear it.  Yay for dresses in the spring!

Here she is "driving Wii MarioKart".  She found this little toy and then asked to play Wii with me.  She was Baby Peach.

Anna took her bean bag chair out on the deck this afternoon to each lunch in and then Brice followed suit after he got home.

I realize it has been over a week since I've blogged.  I guess I haven't had anything significant to write.  I am in major nesting mode trying to plan everyone's room.  I just ordered Anna's new furniture the other day and I'm excited for it to come in.  She is too and asks about her big girl bed.  I'm nervous about the transition of crib to bed with her and how many night time visits we will get but we'll see...It is also going to be weird to have her out of the crib.  My baby girl.  The baby's room will be fairly easy once I get all the toys out of that room and paint on the walls.  I am using the same crib bedding that my mom made for Brice's room.  I ordered a new crib sheet and lamp shade for it but for the most part will still use the nautical theme here and there.  This past week has been Spring Break for Brice and he has spent it down at the Georgia Aquarium everyday from 8:30-3:30.  He has loved every minute of it and is full of all kinds of marine facts everyday when he gets in the car.  Justin has done all of the driving so I can't take credit for that because it is a haul down there from our house.  It has been totally worth the cost and driving though.  That was his birthday present.  So, Anna and I have spent the days running errands and just hanging out in the beautiful yellow weather.  Yes, Atlanta is gorgeous this time of year and if you can stand the pollen, it is quite a treat.  I have been trying to get the kids to at least rinse off every night if they've been outside a lot.  Brice seems more affected by it than Anna right now and is ready to scratch his eyes out in the evenings along with at least five sneezes first thing in the mornings.

So, like I said, nothing too big going on here, just trying to enjoy my days with Anna while Brice is still in school/camp.  While I know she is going to LOVE having this new baby around, it is also going to rock her world!  She is such a good mommy to her babies but at the same time will climb up in my lap and let me rub her head and back for a good ten minutes.  If you were a fly on the wall around here you would hear her saying things like,

"I do it by myself, okay?"
"Let's read books together, Mommy.  We can read this one first and then this one after."
"Are we going bye-bye?  Okay, let's go guys."
She talks non-stop throughout the day so come nap time and bed time, I enjoy the quiet!

That is about it around here.  Sorry if this post seemed to Ramble but that is an update for you!

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