Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What To Blog About?

 24 weeks and 2 days
I am not sure What to Blog About today...the baby, the house, Anna, Brice, our anniversary, work.  My mind is going so fast everyday that I can hardly keep up.  I have one thought and by the time I can execute it, I have already thought of five other things to do.  This week is jammed packed with appointments, baseball, Easter parties, etc.  Sometimes, as awful as this may sound, I totally "get" Kate Gosselin.  How she managed to run such a tight ship is beyond me with all eight of those kids running around.  I feel as though maybe I should have taken a management class in college.  There are of course the things that I NEED to do, the things I WANT to do and then the things that just pop up in between.  I am definitely a Type A personality but at the same time I do not want to live my life on such a strict schedule that I might have a melt down if I don't complete a chore on the same day every month. Do you see what I'm saying?

I am feeling pretty good with my pregnancy.  My back does hurt everyday at some point, some days are much worse and then others are tolerable.  Mainly my sciatic nerve that bothers me.  Otherwise, I have no complaints.  This little boy is riding so high right now and I feel like I am enormous.  I do remember Brice being in the same position and towards the end feeling his heels next to my armpits!  Not really but close enough.  Today, I had to drink the sugar drink to test my blood for gestational diabetes.  I don't know if I "passed" or not but everything else looks good.  I will find out my results next week some time.  I am measuring right on track so I was glad to hear that.  When your husband came out the size of a three month old, it can kind of make you nervous when you are carrying his child!  Especially since it's another boy.  We still don't have a name for him.  We discussed it quite a bit at our traditional anniversary dinner Saturday night but didn't really get anywhere.  We aren't disagreeing on the names, we just aren't ranking them in the same place.  Hopefully, we will get there before delivery!

Poor Brice has been suffering from the pollen and I just feel so bad that he can't go out and enjoy the weather without sneezing and coughing.  I called the pediatrician yesterday to find out what to put him on so we started some Zyrtec yesterday.  We'll see if it helps.  He had a baseball game last night and played so well.  He really seems to enjoy it which is the main goal right now.  Sometimes Justin and I have to remind ourselves that those boys are only six and can't throw, catch and hit like a major leaguer.  They are at an age when so many things are being taught to them between school, church, sports, and everyday life, it must be hard to soak it all in.

Anna has had an excellent week.  We have her in some refresher swim lessons from the intense lessons we did last year.  She is a fish and LOVES to go "see Ms. Cindy".  She can't get in that water fast enough and climbs in all by herself.  As we are walking out after each lesson she is already asking, "Go swimming again?".  She is highly anticipating the arrival of her furniture which has been shipped so I can't wait to see her in that girly bed.

The house is in a constant state of disaster.  I feel bad for those without children who walk in here and must think, "Jennifer Reynolds keeps her house looking like this?".  Believe me, if I had the time and energy and a little more Kate in me, it wouldn't look like this.  But at the same time, I can't let the kids run around outside by themselves just yet in order to clean and I know it's just a part of having kids.  I know it sounds crazy but I do think that one day I will miss their "stuff".  Last week I had to take the car seats out of my car for the sitter and on my way to work, I looked in my rear view and had a totally weird feeling without their car seats being back there.  I guess it's a good thing I didn't have triplets and that they won't all leave the house at the same time!

So, I know I cannot do it all.  Nobody can, nor should they need to.  But maybe, if I can't DO it all, I can BLOG about it.

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