Thursday, June 30, 2011

Delivery Unknown-One Month and Counting

I knew when I got pregnant again that it was risky as far as the delivery would go.  I have had two fairly eventful deliveries and this one is yet to be determined.  To say I am a little anxious might be an understatement.  Every night before falling asleep, I just pray to God to take care of me and make the decision easy.  Today, I heard from the scheduler that if Kyle does not show up on his own time, we are evicting him on August 1st via C-section.  I will not be able to be induced due to risk of uterine rupture so that leaves one way to make sure he gets out!  I think this will help me prepare mentally as well.  I know I will no longer be pregnant after August 1st.  Knowing this will help me out tremendously when the last two weeks of July come around and I want to cry every time I move because there will be no more room anywhere in this body of mine.

As most of you know, Anna came in a big rush and on her own time leaving very little decision to be made but at the same time plenty of room for worry in my mind.  All I could think about was if she was alright inside me while my body did it's own thing ready to force her out with some pretty strong contractions.  While I do want to have another regular delivery, I know all too well the risks posed to Kyle and myself should one little thing go wrong.  I have heard the stories, and taken care of the babies this has happened to.  My chances of having a regular delivery are higher due to the fact that I did it with Anna but I am having a boy and it is my third which makes his chances of being my biggest baby high.  Brice was almost a full pound bigger than Anna and two inches longer.  If Kyle follows suit, I am guessing he may be near eight pounds.  We shall see. 

So, I have already laid out clothes for the kids and contacted neighbors to be ready for our Delivery Unknown.  I guess in my heart I do not feel that Kyle is going to come in the same manner that Anna did but also feel like he may want out before August 1st.  FYI, I will be 39 and 1 weeks on that day.  Brice came at 39 and 3, Anna at 38 and 3.  She also came on the full moon which falls July 15th and 16th.  I don't forsee him showing up that weekend.  I just see myself going into labor and being able to make a timely decision once child care is secure for the other two and we have time at the hospital to make a good decision with no harm done to either of us.  Ideal world, right?  And, while I'm dreaming, I'm going to have time to put on a little makeup after a shower, be wheeled to a REGULAR L&D (not the OR) room where he will actually be born and then all the family will get to come in right after to see him.  Oh, and don't forget that lovely thing called the epidural because I will for sure be getting one of those!  Also, this time, I will make tons of breastmilk that will fatten him up and we won't have to worry about a skinny baby who needs to be supplemented.  Oh dear, I do hope I haven't set myself up for major disappointment...

I say all of this half-joking because I know this is it.  The last round, the last time for everything to go according to plan.  In reality, however, what I want most, is a healthy baby who completes our family.  One Month and Counting!!!


Lauren said...

Home stretch!!! Almost there! Can't wait to meet Kyle :) all the worries and anxieties will soon be over and you'll be cuddling with your new precious little one.

Aunt Blaire said...

Kyle better not come on the full moon! I will be out of the country...and while I would celebrate with a little Sangria or vino, I would be missing being here! Hold out, little guy, at least until the 25th!