Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Time

 Riding the fun!
 Digging another hole

 In the condo before dinner at Captain Anderson's.

 Brice in front of the boat he went on and caught all his fish.  He was so proud to show all of us the boat and how big it was.

 The girl finally got the hang of walking in the sand about two days before we left.  Notice the posturing of her hand, so dainty.
 Pa and Brice out on the banana boat.
 After dinner at Schooner's Anna asked to go in the sand!  We weren't about to say no.
 There were tons of pretty shells washing ashore.
 I love these pictures of Justin and the kids as they capture him in his most relaxed state doing his favorite job, being Daddy. I feel bad that he didn't get a Father's Day post as he is such an awesome dad and would do anything for his kids.  Both Anna and Brice adore him and want to be like him.  They run to the door when they hear the garage open, an obvious sign that he is missed when not home.  I am so thankful for the father that he is and that he is able to bond with his children on a daily basis.
 Bringing me a shell...

 And, Jack adores Brice, this is one of many hugs that Jack laid on him.  Brice told Robin and Larry that he could be like Jonathan is to him...(Jonathan, are you tearing up?)  Lots of love in this family!
This will be the Last Time, promise.  I took 171 pictures so consider yourselves lucky! :)

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Kelly said...

Brice was too cute with Jack. He really took being the bigger guy very seriously. I see a lifelong friendship building :-)