Monday, June 20, 2011

Get Ready For Some Pictures

We made it home safely from the beach yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful, wonderful trip.  Brice did not stop moving the entire time we were there whether he was swimming, digging, or some where in between.  He is quite bored today actually.  We wore ourselves out to say the least.  Poor Justin didn't have the best of Father's Days driving us home and then dealing with all of our exhausted states.  But, I will say, he handled it well and that is one of the reasons we love him so!  Anna went in the sand one of the first days we were there and then decided that it wasn't really for her until the last two days.  She would get to the edge and stop dead in her tracks and say, "Pick me up!".  For me, this was not easy but I must say I did better than I thought I would as far as my back.  We have been on beach time for the past nine days and it is now Kyle-time!  I have several things I need to get done for him after we get settled back in...which I've been trying to accomplish today.  But for now, Get Ready for Some Pictures here, Facebook and on Kodak Gallery.  I apologize if you have to look at the pictures twice or three times.  I will upload a few each day until you can't take it any more!

The first day down on the beach...she let me do her hair and everything!
Let the digging begin...
Anna didn't feel like she was "in" the sand if we sat her on a blanket.
Don't let these pictures fool you...the next day she wanted nothing to do with getting sand anywhere on her body.
Jack, however, walked anywhere and everywhere, usually with a shovel in hand!

Ready for dinner

Waving like a princess..
"Wanna race?"
Brice accidentally got sand on her arm and you can see the reaction.  I love the way he is looking at her like "What is your problem?"!
We ate a lot of ice cream!
Anna likes "pink" ice cream, just like everything else in her world.
The kids thought these phones were cool..go figure.  We asked Brice to hang it up and he said, "How? There is no red button.".  We had to explain where the expression, "hang it up" came from.
She called lots of people on these phones.


Kelly said...

So, so cute! You always get the best pictures. I have pics of Anna and Brice that I will send to you. I miss the beach so much already! And the phone thing is hilarious. On an unrelated note, they are having a super sale at Carters right now if you want to get any Summer baby clothes for Kyle :-) I have a coupon.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Oh and tell Brice that Jack is now saying Beee (Beach) and Bice (Brice). I think he misses him!