Monday, June 6, 2011

Summertime Spoiled

Over the weekend I took this funny video of Anna interviewing her about her love of Cinderella.  The video will not load much to my frustration.  Justin then forwarded me this article about drowning and I thought I would share it with all of you since I know a lot of you are moms.  And it is much more important than "Cindergrella"! 

Drowning is so scary.  This story is based on my memory of being a girl so it may not be completely accurate.  At the same time, I have never forgotten it.  When I was about seven and my sister was about four, we almost drowned at Stone Mountain.  I think there used to be a lake or some body of water that you could swim in.  Anyway, we had just moved to Georgia and so my parents took us there for a day of fun and of course it was hot.  We were playing in the "shallow end" or at least the part where we could touch.  I would say the water came up to my waist and probably her chest.  I told her to get on my shoulders or back and we could swim around.  I walked about two more feet out and hit a drop-off.  We both went under.  Blaire was still not a strong swimmer and began to struggle and while doing so was pushing me further and further under the water.  I can still see the image in my mind of her being on top of me and the water over my head.  I had on a blue and white striped swim suit with red trim and the words Coca-Cola scrawled down the left side.  Blaire had on a red suit with Snoopy on the top across the chest.  With the water over my head, and the bright sunshine shining down, I could see the reflection of my suit at the top of the water.  After trying to push her off of me to get my own breath and clearly realizing what was happening, my dad was there, pulling us out of the water.  He had had to run down the beach area.  We weren't playing right in front of him and my mom as it was so crowded and they were sitting down a little ways.  If my memory serves me correctly, I was probably only under the water 30-60 seconds, if that.  But, according to this article, that is all it takes for your Summertime to be Spoiled

As most of you know, Anna took Infant Survival Courses last year for the water.  She loves and adores playing in the pool, but I still wouldn't trust her.  If you are interested in classes for your little one go to  It does teach them to respect the water and how to float at a young age.  While I don't trust her completely, I still know that she would have a little extra time to get on her back if she fell in a body of water. Sorry this is kind of a downer of a post but I thought it was an important subject.  Have a safe summer!  This week I am getting ready for our beach trip, can't wait!!  Here are some pictures of Anna making funny faces...


Kelly said...

I read that article and it is so scary. I'm glad for it because I was under the impression that drowning did look like what you see on TV. I will be much more aware now. You know me...I'll now be super annoying watching Brice, Anna and Jack at the beach because I'll be so worried! Ha! On a more positive note, that is such a cute outfit Anna has on!

Christie said...

This is so true Jennifer!! I have not blogged in FOREVER so I am just catching up on other peoples - but a 3 year old drown right in front of her dad over memorial day near us and it took 20 SECONDS for her to drown and NO ONE saw her in a crowded pool with lifeguards!! Super Scary!!