Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Memory

There are so many things that I want to remember my kids doing at the ages they are now.  The things they say and do are just priceless and that is one of the reasons I hope I will continue to blog.  It is such an easy way to document the cute things they are up to and for me will quickly become A Memory because they will be off too soon doing bigger and better things.  Acting more and more like adults everyday which is of course the definition of successful parenting but at the same time, it happens so fast.  I think with Kyle on the way and Anna being much younger than Brice was when she arrived, I am a little afraid that I won't remember the little things she says and does on a daily basis. 

Every morning for breakfast, Anna requests "pancakes and chocyate mellllk" unless of course we have "bissets" (biscuits).  She eats her five or six mini pancakes and then I get out my breakfast...

"What you havin'?", she asks.  I point to my cereal and say, "What is this?" because I know she knows since I eat it everyday.  "You havin' pink cereal?". 

And, anyone who is a parent knows what's next out of her mouth..."I can have some?"

The answer is always yes and then we share my cereal.  I spoon it into her mouth like a baby bird and she climbs up on my lap and hugs on me.  I love it even if we are sharing germs!

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