Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Months Old

Our little Kyle turned 3 Months Old on Halloween Day.  He has been such an easy baby and my only complaint as of right now is that he is not sleeping through the night.  We had a four night stretch of him going all night and then I guess the hunger pains came back and wake him every night around 3am.  I am still nursing him, however, woke up this morning with what I think is mastitis.  Both the advice nurse and my friend/neighbor, the lactation consultant agree that my symptoms were that of mastitis.  The doctor's office was able to call in something for me so hopefully I can get it under control and start the weaning process as well.  I made it to my original goal of Halloween and then would like for him to receive some breastmilk until four months.  While Kyle has been my most exclusive breastfeeder I also don't want him to get shortchanged.  I also like to keep nursing until they are sleeping through the night, just easier and always ready in the wee hours!  We don't take him for a check-up this month, it will be next month right before we leave for Disney World.  So, here is what he is up to...

-Eats usually 6 times a day
-Goes down extremely easily for naps, compared to other two
-Bedtime is usually around 8:30pm, wakes around 3am and then sleeps til 7 or 8am
-Has started laughing when tickled or finds something amusing
-LOVES to be sung to, especially "Pat-A-Cake" and "I'm a Little Teapot" (I'm sure you can guess who sings that one to him!)
-Still adores Brice and always has a smile for him, as well as Justin
-Has started smiling more at Anna and not just staring at her
-Has adjusted to the car seat and will actually give in and go to sleep now, Praise the Lord!
-If left on his back, he will rotate himself around
-Wears size 2 diapers but is quickly outgrowing them
-Wears mostly 6 month clothes, he is long, just like the other two
-Super sweet and extremely laid back, yet at the same time will let us know when something is up and is usually easily comforted

So, I will leave you with some more pictures from Halloween...

 Anna decided that putting stickers on her pumpkins would be just as fun as carving it.

 A funny skeleton face!

 Sorry for all the Cinderella pictures but she just looked so sweet I couldn't get over it and you could tell she felt so special!

 A little blurry but so sweet that they held hands, even if Brice was dragging her a little bit!
 One of our neighbors gave her the wand and she has slept with it every night since and took it to school today.  We think she likes it.
 Didn't you know, Harry Potter is a Dawgs fan?!

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Taryn said...

Hey, I'm digging your neighbor's Clemson shirt!!!! :) Hope you feel better soon!