Monday, November 28, 2011

The meaning of the Christmas Tree

Thank goodness Georgia beat Georgia Tech because that meant Justin was in a good mood to go get our Christmas tree on Sunday!  I put up most of the decorations on Friday and then Brice was chomping at the bit to get the tree up.  I put up all the lights and then Brice usually helps with the ornaments.  This year he had to learn that Anna is part of the family and can actually participate with the tree as well!  A few years ago, in preschool, Brice made a craft into a Christmas tree and attached to it was

The meaning of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is an Evergreen tree
which symbolizes Everlasting Life.
The lights on the tree symbolize the tiny stars 
that lit the sky the night Jesus was born.

The gifts under the tree symbolize
the "Gift" God gave us-eternal life and
forgiveness of our sins.
The ornaments symbolize the 
strength and substance Jesus brought to us.

The Angel and the Star on top of the tree
symbolize the Angel who told the shepherds
of the birth of Jesus.
The Star symbolizes the North Star,
the star of Bethlehem, that led the wisemen
to baby Jesus.

The candles we light represent the light that Jesus brought to earth; Christ is the "Light of the World".  By placing our gifts under the Christmas Tree we represent the wisemen and the gifts they brought to baby Jesus.  We also represent the disciples because we are followers of Jesus Christ as we live our life for Him and we go out and spread The Word to those who don't know the story of Jesus.

This year when you put your tree up and enjoy it's beauty remember the meaning behind the tree and the meaning of Christmas!!


Kelly said...

Beautiful! I don't know how you have the patience for the lights. I think I'd kick the tree over by the second strand of lights :-)

Larry said...

Jennifer, you are the master of interior illumination. Awesome job!