Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busy-ness of the Season

The house is quiet right now.  All three babies in their beds dreaming of basketball, Cinderella, and his next meal no doubt.  I know these are the days that I will want to remember one day and the days that I won't be able to remember because I was so busy going from one mindless task to the next only to have the first task undone by one of the ones I was cleaning up after.  First and foremost, I am feeling much better which is a must when there are three kids to take care of.  My mom saved the day for me, of course, because that's what moms are for!!!  She came up last Thursday when I was feeling so rotten and helped me to not drown in dishes, picked Anna up from school and then took Brice for a haircut. Thank you Mom from both Justin and I.

I have changed Kyle's evening schedule a little bit in hopes of having a little bit of each evening to myself or to spend with Justin and then of course, I am hoping that he starts sleeping longer each night.  I am not going to lie, I miss nursing him.  I am just pumping during the day in hopes of avoiding another bout of mastitis.  I won't go into detail of how it all came about but I think I had been narrowly avoiding it for about four weeks!  I am still nursing him in the middle of the night because it is much more convenient and am so thankful that he will still do it for his mommy and not just himself.  I was so sad last Friday and Saturday realizing that this was it, it was over and he is my last.  I couldn't believe I was so bummed about it because with Brice and Anna, I just got over it and moved on.  I guess because it went so well with Kyle for so long that I was very proud of myself for not only sustaining him but giving the child some man-boobs!!  He also has a couple rolls on his thighs that I am going to take credit for.  And, for all I know, once I get some actual solid sleep, I may not be emotional about it at all...  I have been trying to remind myself of all the things I can do once nursing is over. 
These include and are not limited to...
-having an adult beverage
-wearing a regular bra
-wearing any shirt/top I want because I don't have to have access
-having my body back, completely
-not worrying about what I'm eating
-not worrying about not eating or drinking enough fluids (that is for me, a full time job!)
Anna and Brice were totally confused last week when I started giving Kyle a bottle.  It was like it was all wrong and they had to look out for him!  Anna has since started "pumping" which is so hilarious because, boy, she has been taking notes!  Last night, her babydoll, Polly, was well taken care of including diaper change, and being fed a bottle of pumped milk!  Anna was truly disappointed when I turned my pump on for her and nothing came out into the bottles, "Where is my milk, Mommy?"!!

And, with the Busy-ness of the Season upon us, I know it will be nice to be able to leave Kyle at home to go do things with the other two.  Both Brice and Anna have feasts, plays, programs coming up.  Not to mention a trip to Disney World with the older two and of course, Anna's birthday and Christmas!  Many of my Facebook friends are posting what they are thankful for each day and I have so much to be thankful for as well.  I am trying to remind myself that even though I am so tired I want to cry most days, I have three beautiful healthy, happy children who love each other.  I have an awesome husband who does so much for me around the house, including getting up for bootcamp every morning and then coming home to get Brice ready for school and dealing with Anna's shenanigans!  I have so very much to be thankful for and just need to remind myself of this.  I am off to make lunch for Brice tomorrow, get myself ready for bed, and feed Kyle one more time in hopes that this meal will sustain him until 6am!!!

Totally random picture unrelated to the post.

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Christie said...

Reading this reminds me of how I felt a year ago!! Joey used to pump too - a little weirder for him since he is a boy!! :)
You are so very lucky to have your mom around to help!! There are so many days that I wish my mom could come and save me!
Love the picture of Anna!