Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Georgia BEE and Cousin Jack

Addendum to Post:  I realized this the other day when I watched Jack and wanted to post about it but then it slipped my mind when I posted.  Jack could be mine, as in I could have had time to birth a child in between Anna and Kyle.  Anna and Jack are 15 months apart and Jack and Kyle are 17 months apart.  Can you imagine??  This makes me think about my great grandmother who had six children.  The third, fourth and fifth were all born about a year apart.  My Uncle Bud was born in May of 1920, my Aunt Norma was born in July of 1921 and my Grandpa was born in August of 1922!!!  Do that math real quick.  Holy Moly!  No wonder she prayed the Rosary every day, the woman needed an escape!

Yesterday was Brice's play at school that he has been working on in music class.  Not sure if you are familiar with the Frog and Toad series but that is what the play was taken from.  I, myself do not know these books but may have to search them out and read the stories.  It sounds really cute.  Brice one of the BEES, Leader of the Bees in fact.  This didn't mean he did anything extra but I guess the other kids were able to look to him if they forgot the words or the hand motions.  I capitalize BEE because there are no yellow jackets in this household!!  When he was told he had to wear a yellow or black shirt, he made the most disgusted face and said, "I don't wear yellow."  I had bought him a yellow shirt which I promptly returned and let him wear his UGA shirt with black pants!  He did a great job in the play...Brice is not the type to perform in front of a crowd so I was very proud of him for being as demonstrative as he was.

Our Georgia BEE
 Below is a picture of the soldier that Brice made for their Veteran's Day celebrations.  I was quite impressed with the school and all they did to honor our military.  Brice came home from school knowing all four divisions of the military, they had breakfast for parents who were serving or had served and then a parade.  They decorated the front lawn of the school using colored tissue paper made into the American flag.  The kids in 1st grade then made their soldiers with the acronym for Veteran next to them. Brice's words for Veteran were V-very important, E-energetic, T-tidy, E-excellent, R-remember, A-Afghanistan, N-navy.  Although, not all spelled correctly, they were all very close and a great description of our Veterans.
Next week the kids are out of school ALL. WEEK. LONG.  Yes, all week.  When I was a kid, I only got three days off for Thanksgiving.  To me, this is just crazy but I guess it allows families to travel which is nice.  That being said, both Anna and Brice have their school celebrations this week.  Brice's "feast" was today at school and Nana had the honor of being invited.  As many of you know, Nana kept Brice during his first four years of life when I would work and now she has been keeping Cousin Jack for almost two years.  I knew that it would not be easy to keep up with Jack in an elementary school because he is a busy little dude and well, he's 21 months old, tomorrow.  So, I offered to keep Jack, Anna and Kyle here at the house and let Nana and Brice have a little date at the feast.  Anna's feast is tomorrow at her school so I'll post some pictures then.  I am not around Jack as much as I would like to be so today I learned the following about him:  he loves trains, and Mickey Mouse, he is a lover (liked jumping on Anna to hug her!), likes Ritz crackers and mandarin oranges, and has lots of energy!

Checking out the Percy and Thomas the Train DVD's.  He looked at them multiple times!

 Anna wanted a picture of her and Jack on the beanbag chairs.  This was as close as I could get of the two of them while holding Kyle.
So, I now have ideas for Christmas for Jack due to what he liked here!  Yay!

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Kelly said...

So cute! Thanks for taking care of him. I know he LOVED Anna. He points to their picture all of the time and says "Bice, Anna." I've got to teach Jack to be gentler with the ladies though :-) HA!