Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Week Recap

Summer has been out for one week and two days and I feel as though it has been two weeks.  Surely, that is not a good sign.  Next week is Art Camp and then the following is Baseball Camp for Brice so I packed a lot in over the past week.  Let's see...Yellow River Game Ranch, Anna and Brice went to Grandma and Grandad's for a sleepover, had dinner with the Reynolds' to celebrate Mother's Day and Kelly's birthday, went to the pool twice, Zoo Atlanta with Aunt Deb, lunch with Grandma at work, Monkey Joe's and here we are at today.  Yes, I am tired and feeling a little bit like an activities director.  I want the kids to have a fun summer.  I guess I feel like I cheated them a little last summer because I was so big and pregnant, I just wanted to lay around.  I know summers are supposed to be a little boring but my kids, Brice especially, do so much better with some structure.  Eleven more weeks and counting...

 The flamingos were Anna's favorite, of course, because they are pink!
 This lion is extremely old and rarely moves during the day.  I have never seen him lift his head while visiting the zoo.  So, I was very excited to see him look around.  Thirty seconds later, he was back asleep.
 Has anyone EVER seen a giraffe do this?  Or a lion as cute as that below??

 The kiddos with Aunt Deb and the picture below just cracks me up...
 A little bit better.

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