Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yellow River Game Ranch

To kick off the summer, I decided to take the kids to Yellow River Game Ranch.  It is about 45 minutes from where we live but we have been before and Brice just recently went on a field trip there.  Anna was especially excited because her favorite animals are "bunnies and deers and pigs" and they have all three of those there.  The fun part about YRGR is that you get to feed the animals.  When it comes down to it and you really think about it, it's gross.  The animals are all rescued or at least some of them so they are a little mangy and then the smell of dung is in the air.  Yesterday was a beautiful day though and the ranch is very shady.  Since we are Hall County and the ranch is in Gwinnett county (they are still in school) I figured it wouldn't be crowded and I was right.  All went very well until the very end when a deer sneaked up on Anna and scared the bejeezes out of her.  And, then, because she is so loud, the entire ranch could hear her.  The deer was completely un-phased by it and proceeded to eat all of Kyle's Cheerios right out of his stroller.

 "Black Bear, Black Bear, what do you see?"  "I see children looking at me."

 Mangy, stinky donkeys eating whole apples and then the goats who were starving!
 This peacock was so pretty but he also scared Anna.
 Above, saying hello to the pig named, "Sis".  And then we got to these turtles and Anna asked if they were "dead because they are not moving."
 Brice, our Animal Whisperer.
 Anna couldn't wait to get to the little bunny area and then when it came time to actually bend down and give them a carrot, she just kind of tossed them in the direction of the bunny and I think only laid two fingers on one of them.

 Below are the pictures at the end when the deer kind of swarm you for your last bit of food.  This doe was sweet and gentle and the kids thought Kyle's expression was so funny.  This is a different deer than the one that caught Anna off guard!
 You can kind of see Kyle's mouth doing something in between a smile and a grimace.

Here is the doe than had no fear.  Just walked up and started eating some Cheerios!  I took this picture while Anna was screaming, crying and hiding behind the stroller!  Sweet Kyle just turned his head and Brice was nice enough to try and distract the deer with a carrot.

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