Friday, August 9, 2013

Kyle's Two Year Check-Up

On Tuesday, I took Kyle to the doctor for his check-up.  Everything looks great and healthy.  He does have eczema which flared up at the beach, I guess, so we are treating that.  He weighed 30lbs. 7 oz (78%) and is 37 inches tall (96%).  Big boy.  Sometimes I will look over at him running full steam ahead and remind myself of how lucky we are to have healthy kids who get to run, play and occasionally go to the doctor and just get a hemoglobin check along with the Flu-Mist...Anna was with me so she got it as well.

Brice was half a pound lighter at two and a 1/2 inch taller...

And, then of course little Anna at the same age.  She was 25 lbs. 6 oz (35%) and 36.25 inches (96%).

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