Friday, August 2, 2013

The Mickey Party!!

This was a very fun party for me to plan and for those of you with young kiddos, you can well imagine the ideas out there for this theme.  Five katrillion.  I knew we would be at the beach the week before and then I was going to have to squeeze in the party before school started so...we actually had his party ON his birthday in the evening.  A special thanks to all the family who drove from far away to be here with us mid-week!  This also meant that I had to plan ahead more than I usually do.  After several trips to Hobby Lobby and Brice telling me repeatedly that I was "doing too much for this party", I thought it turned out super cute without being over the top.  So, here goes...

Invitation (made by yours truly and everyone was a little different because of that):

Food (stole the ideas from a friend from nursing school who did this same party):

 Those sandwiches are supposed to be shaped like dog bones..and then that's "Goofy's Goldfish"

We also had Clarabelle's Cheese and Crackers.


 Baby boy was a little hesitant when we were singing to him and didn't quite get that he needed to blow out the candle before eating the cupcake!

 Decorations and Guests!

 Baby Natalie getting a massage from Uncle Justin.  Such a sweetie!

And let's not forget, Presents!!
This first one is from the morning when we brought Kyle downstairs.  You will see a picture at the end of the post of what it is...and we also gave him a plastic baseball bat.

 So excited about his Cars 2 cars from cousin Jack!!!

He loves this thing and loves to watch the balls go through it over and over!  We had a fun time celebrating our big two year old!

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