Monday, August 12, 2013

Annual Beach Trip

This year was no different, Panama City Beach, FL, stayed at Edgewater Resort (for their pool), went with Justin's family, and had a blast!!!  Okay, there was one difference...everyone LOVED every part of the beach; sand, ocean, pool.  While our boys are busy and active and boys who play hard and sleep hard, Anna Claire Reynolds is a machine that never stops.  The girl is impressive.  We had to make her stop everyday and eat, rest, take a break from constant motion.  We had so much fun with all three of the kids and I think next year will be even better because there will be no more diapers (right, Kyle??).

Anyway, you guys have seen the same type of pictures year after year but I would be remiss if I didn't post these to show how the kids have grown.  Also, while we were there, Princess Kate had her baby...I am probably becoming a little obsessed with her just like Diana.  And, I may have passed on this "love for royalty" gene to Anna.  We were in Sam's the other day and she saw a couple of magazines with the picture of Will and Kate on the front holding baby George and she said, "Look who it is Mommy, it's the prince and princess with their new baby!". Yes!!  Okay, pictures.

 This boy would wear himself out and then rest on the chairs without too much persuasion.  He also took super long naps after being in all that fresh air!

 Pa racing Brice and then Anna.  She wasn't going to be just a spectator this year.
 Bubbles on the beach one overcast day.  It was fun and something a little different after three or four days of sand, ocean and pool.  Although we couldn't get in the ocean the first few days because it was double red flag.

I will post some more pictures later this week!

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