Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas-Part III

I left my camera at my parents' house so I didn't get any pictures on Christmas Eve which I thought I was okay with but then our niece, Natalie, decided it would be a good day to learn to walk!!!  Anyway, I wished I had my camera because both of Justin's grandmothers were there along with cousins and aunts and uncles.  I know my in-laws had a camera so it WAS documented but now I know how much I love looking back on the "event".

I did however get my camera back from my mom and dad on Christmas Eve right before church. :)  So, we went to church and then came straight home and put the kids to bed.  They were all more than ready after a long day that day.  Justin and I had had a wrapping marathon earlier in the week so it was an easy job for Santa!

It was an exciting morning for sure and the kids were so cute!!

 A CD player for her room was one of her Santa happy with it!
 Kyle got the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from Santa and he sings the song while playing with it.  So cute!
 Yes, girlfriend wanted a guitar.
 Herschel Walker jersey.
 One of Brice's big gifts.  The boy is now armed, look out!
 She was so excited to get this Lalaloopsy doll.  She had wanted it for her birthday but didn't get it then so she was pumped.
 This has been Kyle's favorite gift from Santa, "Mack" from Cars.
 I bought Anna and Kyle superhero capes with their own initials on it.  I also got one for our nephew Jack because he truly believe he is "SuperJack"!!  Check out Pip and Bean on etsy if interested!
 We bought all the kids an Xbox but mainly for Brice because we were able to get him a different version of Minecraft.  He played for six straight hours the next day...
And, here is the video of the three of them when we first got downstairs.  I really, really enjoyed this Christmas season.  The kids were all at great ages to "hear the bell" and believe in the magic of Santa and understand the wonder of Jesus' birth.

This is the first year that we just stayed home after opening gifts and it was awesome!!!  My parents dropped by on their way up to Charlotte and then we headed over to Justin's parents' house around 3:30pm.  It was a fun afternoon/day.  A very awesome Christmas season all around!!

 New Brooks Brothers shirts for Pa and a set of Thirty-One bags for Robin.
 Don't look so surprised Greg, you know I always have a camera in hand!
 One of my favorite pictures.
 And this concludes the Christmas posts!!!  Next up, Disney pictures!!

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