Friday, January 17, 2014

Disney World- Day 1

Ok, I have pictures!  Of Disney World!  I just finished a whole post and then accidentally deleted it...I want to cry seriously because it has taken me forever to figure all this out.

On the first day (12th) there we went to Chef Mickey's first thing in the morning.  Kyle was a little apprehensive at first but then would pose for a picture with the characters.  He was most excited about seeing Pluto and waited for him to round the corner.  Even though he didn't smile in the picture he started laughing when Pluto went to the next table and said, "I see his tail!".

 Anna was happy to jump right in with all of them for a picture!

Anna colored a picture for Minnie Mouse and she wanted to give it to her.  We convinced her it would be better to have it signed.

Here is Kyle waiting for Pluto to come!

After breakfast, we headed to Magic Kingdom and went straight to the popular rides, It's a Small World, Dumbo, Teacups, and Peter Pan.  Kyle was like Anna on her first trip and preferred the outdoor, well lit rides.
Looking around It's a Small World.  He now LOVES to sing the song and talk about the boats that we rode in.

Justin rode with Brice and Anna on the teacups and spun them so fast, it was a total blur.  Sweet Kyle and I rode together and only spun around once or twice.

 After the Teacups, Alice and the White Rabbit were greeting people so we had our picture made with them.  Kyle liked to "pet" the characters that were soft!

We then took a little break in the new area designed after the movie "Tangled".  Anna of course loved seeing Rapuzel's tower and the flag banners hanging up.

 After that we went to the Country Bear Jamboree where Kyle wore the new Mickey Mouse hat that he picked out all by himself.

And, then onto the Flying Carpets from Aladdin.  Proof that I was there!

For that afternoon, we watched the daily parade and then did more rides before they lit Cinderella's castle!  Love being there at Christmas time, it is even more magical!  Anna really wanted to see Mary Poppins on this trip so that is why I took the picture of her and Burt. I mean she is "practically perfect in every way"!

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