Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disney World- Day3

On Saturday, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom because, well, it's the best!  And, we had a very special appointment for Anna, Bibbidi Boppity Boutique!  We had some time beforehand though so we did some rides and made sure we went and drove the race cars in Tomorrowland for Kyle.

 This little boy was so excited to ride/drive a car!  He kept telling Justin what color he wanted.

 His official driver's license.  Watch out when these two really start driving!

After some rides and the cars, I took Anna to meet Rapunzel before her appointment.  She was VERY excited to meet her until she could see me sweating the time and then all she could ask about was being late to the Bibbidi Boppity Boutique.

 Great Snow White, don't ya think??!

For those of you that don't know what Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique is, it is relatively new at Disney World.  Your child can go the salon and pick out an outfit (princesses for girls/pirates for boys) and then have their hair and makeup done as well as a thousand other options that they try to sell you!  It is quite overwhelming for an adult to make choices in that place, much less a five year old with sparkling dresses and crowns and accessories hanging all over the place.  However, it is done so well with their "transforming" abilities.  When we first arrived, Anna was able to choose which princess she wanted to "become" and she chose Sofia, which thankfully had JUST come in to the boutique the day before.  We had stopped by the "Castle Couture" shop before because I didn't think they had Sofia dresses available at the boutique.  Anna had trouble understanding the whole thing and so we ended up just going to the salon and it all worked out!  So, after you pick your princess and "package", you wait with your special invitation.
 Also, consider this the BEFORE picture...

After a little anticipation brews, one of the "fairy godmothers" comes and gets you to get dressed.  They take you to the back and after saying, "Bibbidi, Boppity, Boo!", they open the dressing room curtain and there is YOUR dress hanging there ready for you to get into it.  Anna wanted one of the fairy godmothers to get her dressed and was disappointed when she was left with me!
Then you wait a little longer until the whole process begins in the chair...I wasn't sure how Anna would like this because she wants her hair down and "free" most of the time and if there is a special occasion and I offer to put a little make up on her, she says no.  However, she was in. her. element.
The fairy godmother that Anna had was wonderful and sweet and a good fit for Anna.

And, the nails...
The makeup...
Final touches...
Ta Da!!!!
She was so cute and very excited to be all made up.  We stepped outside of the boutique, which is IN Cinderella's Castle, and there was no one standing around, so I had her stand in front of the mosaic tiles to get a picture.

Anna then wore her hair like this for a whole two more days.  When we arrived home, we had her soak in the tub for a long while to get all the "glue" out!  So gross.  She was able to keep all her makeup and two nail polish colors as well as some additional face gems.  They really did treat her royally.  I hope she always remembers turning five and getting to do this.

By that afternoon, Kyle was in need of a nap...

We split up at this point so that Anna could rest too and Brice and Justin could do some big kid stuff.  Then after dinner we stayed for the Electrical Parade.  This is one of my favorites.  They changed some of the floats from the last time we were there and they were really neat.  I had to post the next picture because she reminds me of a picture in a bride magazine when they tell the models to NOT smile.  I never understood this because aren't you supposed to be happy on your wedding day??!

This concludes our trip since I already posted Day 4. It was so fun and next time we go will be even more fun because Anna rode some of the roller coasters this time and will really love them next time.  And, Kyle won't have to take so many potty breaks! :)

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