Monday, January 27, 2014


Yesterday I went to Publix and ran into one of the neighbors.  He asked how our new year was going and I told him good, except that I am tired of the cold here.  He said, "Well, at least it hasn't been snowing."  True, but still, I feel frozen all the time.  Speaking of "Frozen", if you haven't seen that movie, run, don't walk to your nearest theater.  You will then need to head to the nearest store with soundtracks and purchase it so you can learn all the words to all the songs.  Well done, Disney, well done.

But still, I don't mind looking at others cute and bundled up for the snow and ice, I just don't want to be in it myself.  However, this boy LOVES the cold.  And, if I looked this cute, perhaps I would too!

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