Monday, June 8, 2009

Baptism Day

On Saturday, Anna was baptized. It was very special and I could've cried my eyes out but held it back. I was so proud of Anna. She "talked" almost the whole ceremony and smiled every time the Deacon came to her. Like Nana said, "We could be in a much different place right now, given what we went through with her.". This is so true. I know already how much God has been watching over her and our family and trust that He will continue to do so. Thank you to all who were involved in making it happen and to those of you who traveled to be with us. Thank you also for the beautiful gifts. I think we all agreed the bracelet made the outfit. As we ladies know, it's the accessories that style us up!

Four girls in the family have now worn this gown; me, Aunt Blaire, Cousin Kristen and Anna.

Brice was so wonderfully behaved and very proud of Anna. Prior to the ceremony, he didn't want the water poured on her head. "She will cry, Mommy. She isn't going to like that." I told him she would be fine and if she cried a little, it was okay. The next day I dressed her back up to take more pictures and he wanted to be in them. I couldn't believe it! He obviously knew it was a special day and wanted to be part of it.

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Rachel said...

Hey Jennifer! So glad you found me! I totally remember you and Justin! You have very cute kids! I look forward to catching up on your life and reading your blog.