Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nana (Robin)!

Yesterday was our beloved Nana's birthday! We won't disclose her age. Like she said, "I'm not excited about being #$, but it's better than the alternative!". Yes it is! Brice loves picking out people's cards on their birthdays as well as making cupcakes or anything sweet. The sprinkles were all done by Brice.
He is getting really good at writing all of the letters by himself.

And here is Miss Anna in her dessert dress. As if we needed something else to tempt us into licking her, she is so sweet! So, Happy Birthday Nana! We couldn't do it without you. You are so giving of your time and energy to all members of the family. You have definitely fallen into the role of the "sandwich generation" taking care of the old and new. I for one am so thankful to you for watching Brice all those years so I could continue working. I know you two have sealed a bond that will last forever! We love you, enjoy your sweet treats!

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