Monday, June 15, 2009

Brice's Brief Moment

Okay, so Brice only had a few hours in the blog spotlight. I have to blog about my little Anna again. We went to the pediatrician today for her six month check-up. It went great!! She weighs 14 lbs. (15 %) and is 26.75 inches (83 %). The nurse said she has a super model body already. I say, prima ballerina. Either way, I am hoping the girl grows to have the body of Aunt Kelly or Aunt Blaire!

Anyway, the BEST news is that the doctor DID NOT hear her murmur!!!! I almost starting crying in the office but didn't. She said that she didn't hear it "today". So, we are cautiously optimistic and now I cannot wait until June 29th when we go back to the cardiologist. God is good! I just know that her VSD is going to or already is close/closed on it's own. I will of course update when we go back, so keep praying that we are right.

Otherwise, she said Anna looks great and that we need to super baby proof the house because she can tell Anna is going to be "on the move" very soon. She said start giving her baby food three times a day and that we could even start offering her mashed potatoes, really ripe bananas and other table foods. NO TEETH REQUIRED.

Some of you may be wondering what Brice has to say about all of this. He was with Nana seeing "Up" and having a grand ole time with her. I'm sure he is not going to want to come home. So, since his moment in blog world was brief, scroll down to see "his" previous post!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome news about Anna....can't wait to see what the card says....will be hoping for no more VSD!