Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Favorite, Behind

From the title of the post, I know what some of you may be thinking. It's not the case however. I do not play favorites!

To sum it up, Anna has entered "my favorite" baby stage, SITTING UP. I just adore when these little beings learn to sit up and look at their world. They are so much happier. And, Anna looks like a little doll when she sits up because she is so little and then puts her little hands together and shakes her arms up and down while "talking". So, that is "my favorite". The "behind" comes in because that is what I am these days. Behind on cleaning, errand running, shopping for big stuff like a dining room set and another booster seat for Brice for the car. (Anna is now too long for the carrier so she will be moved to the 3-in-1 that Brice sits in if in my car.) I am behind on blogging, scrapbooking, organizing rooms. The more I think about it, the more overwhelmed I get. I am now really glad I signed Brice up for a summer camp. While I am truly enjoying spending the summer with the kids, the other parts of my life are falling "behind"!

So, here is an attempt at catching up with one thing, the blog. I have changed the title of it. Whenever I tell people our last name I say, "Reynolds, like the wrap". Occasionally, people want to spell it Renolds which I find odd but I do remember a time before I got married and someone once spelled Ruffin, Roughen. Anyway, hope you like the play on words. We spent last Saturday at the lake with the Reynolds' and had a great time. Brice became a prune in the water as he floated the entire day. Anna ate and slept well which is always a good thing. Brice continues to take the big brother role very seriously. He asked me the other evening if he could take Anna for a walk in her stroller, just to the front porch and back. He is like a mama bear with the things she puts in her mouth. Always asks me, "Is it okay if she chews on that?".Watching a rain storm
The stroll around the driveway.

Not a great picture of Anna, but look how happy Larry is with his granddaughter!

Brice had a great time with Kelly and Greg. Greg did lots of "boy things" with him and that went over VERY well.

Okay, so I lied. I do have a favorite and I will leave you with MY FAVORITE BEHIND! And go catch-up on some other things.

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