Monday, June 29, 2009

VSD News

So, as those of you who follow the blog know, Anna's pediatrician did not hear her murmur on her six month visit a couple weeks ago. This made us VERY ready for her check-up today with the cardiologist. Although we didn't get to hear the magic words, "her VSD is closed", we didn't get bad news either. Dr. S feels as though she is doing so wonderful and was extremely encouraged by her growth. She has actually gained almost a whole pound in two weeks! He thought that she looked and sounded great. He did still hear her murmur but had more encouraging words than discouraging. Justin of course had to ask about the possibility of surgery and the answer was "highly unlikely". She will go back for another follow-up in three months.

I took all of this news much better than Justin. He has been super busy and stressed with work and I think this just added to it. We kind of don't think about her heart when we don't have an appointment coming up and therefore don't worry about it because Anna is doing so well. Then, we have to take her in and it brings back all the worry. While I want more than anything for this tiny little hole to close, I know that there are much worse situations to be in, whether it be a cardiac defect or something else. I also told Justin I think we are that much more worried about her because of the whole RSV episode. She just changed our lives with a BANG! and hasn't taken the "back seat" since!

Dr. S did say that she could go through her whole life with a VSD but continue to play sports or do whatever she wanted. Our prayer and hope is that it closes completely on its own (or with a little help from the Man upstairs) and that we don't have to continue following it. So, maybe her nine month check-up will be the ONE! Thank you for your prayers and following the blog.

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Rachel said...

I"m glad that Anna seems to be doing so well with her VSD. Our oldest, Samuel had a very large VSD and did have sugery on it. Today he is doing awesome! I know how scary it is to have a child with heart issues, so I'll be thinking about y'all and praying that Anna continues to do well and that her VSD causes no problems (and even closes up)!