Friday, August 27, 2010

Are You Ready???

Because we are. One week from today we will watch the Dawgs, in their Silver Britches, tee it up Between the Hedges against Louisiana-Lafayette. It is the beginning of football season and I can already hear the Redcoats, smell the hot dogs and beer and feel the roar of the Bulldog Nation. From now until December we will watch every Saturday with anticipation and always a nail biting finish to see where the Dawgs will take us this season. In this house, we bleed Red and Black. We are ready to Finish the Drill. G.A.T.A. Glory, Glory....Go Dawgs!!!

If you are not a Dawg fan and you are reading this, first, let me apologize because I know it's hard and second, may the force be with your team this year and enjoy the season. Unless you are a Vol, then sorry, I got nothing for ya. Put that ugly orange on and we'll talk in December.


Emily said...

Oh snap! I'm all fired up!! Go you Gorgeous Bulldogs!!

Kelly said...

Look how long her hair is! I hear ya about the Vols...or orange and blue for that matter. I make a great effort to never buy him anything that is orange or orange and blue. Blah! I guess we've lost our husbands until January? :-)