Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cake Boss Obsession

Brice has become obsessed with The Cake Boss. He saw one of the shows when we were down at the beach and ever since then, he wants to make these cakes. He does use play-doh at least. He has set up his bakery in the basement. He did a really good job, I think.
A few borrowed kitchen essentials for baking.
Pouring "chocolate sauce" onto his cookie cake that he made for me!
My mom came up this afternoon to see the kids and she was sucked right down to the basement where she proceeded to feed the frenzy with pretend orders being phoned in. This particular customer wanted a "sea life" cake.
Here is my little baker with his apron on. Go Dawgs! And below, you will see the golf cake that someone requested. Not sure how long this Cake Boss Obsession is going to last but I guess it will get us through the end of summer!

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